Street Artists in Hamburg

The creative ones fearless enough to bring their talent to the street always fascinate me. Perhaps it’s because I often daydream my way into dancing on street corners and hearing the clink-clink of coins into an upturned hat amid hoots and cheerful applause… but that’s where it stops. A dream.

I live out my fantasy  vicariously through the many talents that jump out of every nook and cranny in this beautiful port city. Here’s a list of the artists I passed just this weekend in a span of an hour’s walk around the center:

  • Teenage boys blazing up the pavement with gravity-defying hip hop
  • An aspiring country singer making music and magic on her guitar
  • A chubby man blowing gigantic soap bubbles into the air and hearts of every child- young and old alike; if you know what I mean..
  • Soulful tunes from a lone trumpet player
  • A man painted in white and skilled at standing so still he would pass for a statue. (This talent leaves me a bit wary. See below for why..)*
  • And my all-time favourite- an old gentleman with his ancient musical instrument: the Barrel Organ. This man’s commitment amazes me. He’s a regular feature at the markets, come summer, winter, sun or rain. I believe he does it not for money but for the sheer passion of his art.

*I once came across a statue in Dresden that I thought was rather disproportionate. I said so quite audibly. I might have said ugly. The statue growled and I fled! In my defense I didn’t know it was an actual person in paint and standing ramrod straight.In the statue’s defense, she was so good she fooled me. I take my time around statues now. Catch me voicing my opinion loudly? Not before I’ve stared it in the eye and made sure it isn’t alive.

(PS-This picture was taken before I gave my grand opinion.. lol)





Ladies, this one is for you. Cheers to us not just on this 8th day of March, but always! Every single waking, dreaming, breathing moment for time immemorial. 



Just beneath
Not out of reach
Smeared over
You may not see

Beauty and grace
I do project
Feminity flows
A shy façade

Winds billow
As does my soul
Look deeper
You’ll hear my song

I am she
A haunting tune
An obsessive love
But always covered over

Angelic child
Cheating student
Doting wife
Another’s mistress

Not a clue
From this face
Vermillion on my head
My eyes see red

Bound by tradition
The choice not mine
Hushed tones
Silenced desires

Ornamentally gorgeous
Draped in silk
You must be blind
If you can’t see the filth

Why shackle
What’s meant to be free?
I may be a woman
But I’m also “me”

An explorer
Ardent giver
Wildly passionate
Let me be

Judge me not
Should I exchange
Profession for vocation
Marriage for love

Just beneath
Not out of reach
My spirit rebels
There’s a raging beast

Sun-kissed dreams
My canvas
My colours
I call the strokes

I am both
She and He
Mother Earth
And Zeus the feared

Unleashing my demons
Prepare ye the feast
Heaven and Hell will dine
My worlds will meet


This is an old piece of poetry I wrote in awe of the inspiring ladies I’ve encountered. I can never get enough of the You-Go-Girl!- sentiment. It empowers me every single time. I’m curious as to what emotions/thoughts/ideas/critique my poem brings out in you. The comments section is waiting with arms open wide…. 😉