How to ask her the big “Will You…? “


That being said, I must begin with a DISCLAIMER: Be warned, this may not work for you!

1. Revisit the place you had your first date/met for the first time.

An overnight Indian train in our case. Impossibly crowded and filled with people who want to fight you for a seat that is rightfully yours. Fight them tooth and nail for it. They and your girlfriend don’t know it yet, but it’s a matter of love or heartbreak.

2. Surprise her with something self made.

Out came a healthy dinner of home made egg and cheese sandwiches with tiny coconut cups filled to the brim with Irish cream from my best friend’s wedding, a week before.

3. Wait for some peace and privacy.

This turned out to be nearly impossible as our over-friendly co-passengers kept stealing glances or just openly staring at the curious mix of skins they saw next to them. It seemed unfathomable to them that one of their own (read: brown young Indian girl) should be hobnobbing with a white man. Scandalous!

4. The moment will never be right. Just do it.

Oh and make sure that girlfriend of yours, now with a happy tummy, doesn’t fall right off to sleep.
It might take a few hesitant coughs and spurts but you will get there, one way or the other. Augen zu und durch!- German for – Shut your eyes and go for it!

5. Set the scene.
My now sweating boyfriend (purely from the heat, mind you) gave me a short and sweet recap of the years we had together. Tip: Proposer, you will be super nervous, but please let your narration sound cheerful or she’ll think you’re breaking up with her.

6. Get down on one knee.

Yes, we love it!! By now, I was the one sweating. Out of my eyes. And right there on that night train, I made one of the biggest decisions of my life. In the affirmative.

7. Make sure she means her “Yes”

Take her Paragliding.
Just to make sure I was sure, my new fiancΓ© had one big trick up his sleeve.
Off the train and into a Paraglider. He had to show me his extreme-sport-craving-side. We trained for three days to be able to fly solo at a beautiful place called Fly Nirvana. And Nirvana it was. Soaring over the heavens, conquering my fear of heights and falling even more in love with this boy of mine.
I accepted and celebrated him for who he is. His kind of crazy definitely resonates with mine.

I highly recommend that you

And if you have similar experiences to share, I’m all ears. Err.. eyes. πŸ˜‰

Let yourself love and let yourself fly, both will give you butterflies.


10 thoughts on “How to ask her the big “Will You…? “

  1. You should write a book about your love, and I will assure you new editions will come every year celebrating your colorful and lively love of yours! No edition will be loke the other! Cherish every single moment together! God bless you!

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