Day 24: National Chocolate Day


The picture says it all. You know exactly where that delicious chocolate belongs…. and it rhymes with yummy…. 😉

It’s now only 1 day until Christmas and I must say I’m going to miss our Advent activities.

So to go out with a bang, here’s the whole list of ADVENTuring we did. Today’s your last chance to catch up with whatever you’ve missed.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New year 2017! Cheers!


Day 23: Reconnect with an old Friend


It’s almost Christmas. Time to put away your differences and reconnect with an old friend.

Let it be someone who least expects a message/call/visit from you.

The element of surprise- especially pleasant surprises- can be a powerful and enriching one.

Go on, pick up that phone. Christmas is in exactly 2 days……

Day 22: Make a child smile


There’s nothing more heart-warming than the innocent, trusting smile of a child. Wouldn’t you be delighted to be at the receiving end of that magnificent radiance?

Honestly, it isn’t even hard to make a child smile. I recently saw how parents of a 3 year old, gifted her a beautifully wrapped paper clip. The little darling was so grateful that she couldn’t stop thanking her folks and gushing about how happy she was! A child really does know what’s important- to love and be loved. Everything else is secondary. We were once children too. Have we forgotten?

Today’s a chance to reconnect with that by-gone time and make a little one smile.

Now it’s only 3 days until Christmas…..

Day 21: Do something New!


Today is the shortest day of the year. Make it count. Do something New!!

The more out of your comfort zone, the better.

Doing something that you have never done before has an effect on you that you wouldn’t quite imagine. It comes with a surprising adrenaline rush that spices up your day.

Are you going to finally going to try that scary sport/dance/food you never had the guts to try before?

Maybe you will muster the courage to tell your crush how you really feel.

Or you will end up falling in love with your beautiful self. That’s definitely new isn’t it?

We are now only 4 days shy of Christmas and if you still haven’t caught on with why we’re doing this- here’s the answer.

Day 19: Bake


It’s not much longer until Christmas. So while we’re waiting, I figured we could use the time to bake.

The place I come from, Goa, celebrates its Liberation Day today. Being a state holiday, families use the free day in preparation for Christmas. I grew up with the tradition of making goodies with the family every 19th of December. Pots, pans and flour flew all over the place as Kormolas, Neureos and Nankatais merrily roasted themselves to perfection. As a kid it was my job to shape the cookies and sweets. What a glorious, beautiful, happy mess I made.

Since I moved halfway across the world last year, I will miss my family-goodie-making session today. I’m comforted by the promise of seeing my family in under a week.

I hope you can bake or make some Christmas delicacies today. The hard work pays off in the end when you inhale the sweet aroma of freshly baked bread rolls, crisp cinnamon stars and warm apple strudel! What bliss when these exquisite tastes warm your soul. Christmas is definitely almost here…in 6….

PS- Happy Liberation Day to my fellow Goenkars!

Also, Christmas is a time to be together and my heart goes out to those that might have to spend it alone. To those in Goa reading this- if you or anyone you know would like to share Christmas lunch with my family and I, we have a place at our table. Do send me a private message and let me know.

Day 18: De-clutter


Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when life is simple and uncomplicated?

You’re probably thinking, ‘Yeah right! If only!’

Well, a sure-shot way to a happier life is de-cluttering. Notice how you have 25 cups in your cabinet, but really only use 3? Wouldn’t that cabinet look far more chic with, say 5 cups?

One of my favourite rules to discard my stuff is, if it hasn’t been used for six months to a year; off it goes. New or old. It deserves a better home. (which is sometimes the trash can)

Oprah Winfrey first introduced me to the benefits of de-cluttering and she sums it up in this lovely piece here.

Wondering how to start? Here’s a helpful guide.

Happy 4th advent sunday!

Let the countdown to Christmas begin! 7…..