Let the merry threes begin

Done with the terrible twos and now to the next. No, this isn’t about a toddler. Not yet anyway.

Today, I celebrate two whole, adventure-filled years of moving to a new country -Hamburg, Germany. Perhaps this is what happens on the other side of 30, but I find myself increasingly taking stock of my life on days like today. It helps put my ever erratic thoughts in perspective.

Hamburg’s beautiful Alster

To sum up the last 8 seasons of “Indian Hamburg-er”, here’s a recap:

  • Love-
    • my inconvenient marriage gets better everyday 😉
    • I’ve made and lost friends and grown at every step
  • IMG_20170404_164814918
    An Indian and an American discovering Germany
    • my relationship with food has reached a dizzying new level; (my pants are not yet complaining though)
    • Yoga and West Coast Swing make up my favourite shake-a-leg moments of the day
West Coast Swing-ing
  • Life-
    • my dearest father took his last breath in my arms. It still hurts like mad, but I’m coping.
    • I’m six months done with waiting. Three to go before my son is here.
    • I speak German fluently now and even lectured a whole day last week in my field of expertise- Homoeopathy. At the end of the day, I couldn’t talk in English anymore! My German husband found it hilarious.
    • Working with Homoeopaths Without Borders is both fulfilling and challenging
  • Travel-
    • I wrote a booklet on traveling tips in Hamburg.book cover
    • New year in Mirissa, Sri Lanka; with my parents
    • A weekend of camping and kayaking in the east German country side, with my in-laws.
    • Travelling home to Goa, India is always a pleasure. I added Bangalore on one of my three trips home.
I would move to Italy just for the food
  • Travel contd..
    • Romancing Rome in fantastic Italy.
    • Kite-surfing in the Netherlands.
    • Backpacking through China– a crazy experience of culture, gastronomy, terrain and people.
    • Exploring Brussels, Belgium over a long weekend.
    • Discovering the many by-lanes and tantalizing surprises Hamburg hides at various corners.
Mirissa, Sri Lanka
Breath-taking Mirissa, Sri Lanka

I love my life with all its trials and tribulations. Although I would never trade my pani-puri and chai for a bratwurst and beer (well, for a Glühwein maybe); I love what living abroad has done for me.

  • it’s broadened my horizons like nothing else before.
  • I have learnt to accept that I’m different and to celebrate it. No more trying to fit in. That’s plain boring.
  • the cold is my bitter-sweet enemy-friend and I have new respect for the sun.
  • there’s always a way, you just have to find it. Of course it helps to have a friendly face or at least a chocolate croissant accompany you.

Will I live in Hamburg for the rest of my life? Maybe. Maybe not. It will however, always be the place that taught me life is so much more than everyday worries. There’s magic everywhere. Follow your nose and you’ll find it!

Glühwein at a Christmas Market

Oh no, I just let out a mighty sneeze and from two years of experience, I know exactly what’s coming- a giant change of season cold. Well I’m off to follow my nose and celebrate in the comfort of my warm bed.

Tschüss! (sounds like a sneeze I know, but it actually means bye in German)


13 thoughts on “Let the merry threes begin

  1. Awwww really sweet nicola 🙂 now you can settle into motherhood knowing that you’ve already accomplished so much. For me, having had my kids in my mid to late 20s I’m slowly catching up with everything I’ve wanted to do…only now I’ve got 2 little ones in tow 🙂


  2. Very nicely written. I recognize what you are saying. Living abroad now for about 10 years. Even though I am from Holland, it is enriching to meet all these adventurous people wanting to see more then just their home country. Hamburg is special, it makes you smile even on the rainy days when you come home completely soaked 😉


  3. Lovely write up. Traveling changes your perspective and improves overall well-being. But that’s me.
    Congratulations to both you and Kay as well as mum. She must be over the moon. Also way to go on speaking Deutsch! 🤗🤗🤗. All the very best.


  4. @Nick… u have and will always be my inspiration… I love how u turn ur thoughts into words and it all comes to life… I love the way u see the world…there’s poetry in everything… but most of all… I admire ur strength… keep writing… I look forward to it…
    So very proud of u..❤️


  5. My dear Nicky! As always its such a nice escape from life to get into your beautiful and challenging life. God bless you my dear friend! May all come out with you even better than planned. What is to come will be even much more beautiful and challenging. You are really a fighter and have achieved in 2 years what others haven’t in 20!


    1. Thank you so much dear Gass! It is indeed my dearest friends like you who give me the power to fly after my dreams. And of course that man upstairs 🙂 here’s to having the six of us meet someday soon, cheers!!


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