Day 18: De-clutter

Isn't it a wonderful feeling when life is simple and uncomplicated? You're probably thinking, 'Yeah right! If only!' Well, a sure-shot way to a happier life is de-cluttering. Notice how you have 25 cups in your cabinet, but really only use 3? Wouldn't that cabinet look far more chic with, say 5 cups? One of … Continue reading Day 18: De-clutter


Day 11: Flex those hips

Happy 3rd Advent beautiful people! Today's all about getting flexible and fit, the fun way. I love Yoga, so for me it's trying my hands and feet and neck and hips at the "CROW" or Bakasana. Take to the mat, the bike or the track; and get those bodies flowing again. It's easy to get … Continue reading Day 11: Flex those hips