Day 18: De-clutter


Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when life is simple and uncomplicated?

You’re probably thinking, ‘Yeah right! If only!’

Well, a sure-shot way to a happier life is de-cluttering. Notice how you have 25 cups in your cabinet, but really only use 3? Wouldn’t that cabinet look far more chic with, say 5 cups?

One of my favourite rules to discard my stuff is, if it hasn’t been used for six months to a year; off it goes. New or old. It deserves a better home. (which is sometimes the trash can)

Oprah Winfrey first introduced me to the benefits of de-cluttering and she sums it up in this lovely piece here.

Wondering how to start? Here’s a helpful guide.

Happy 4th advent sunday!

Let the countdown to Christmas begin! 7…..


Day 11: Flex those hips


Happy 3rd Advent beautiful people!

Today’s all about getting flexible and fit, the fun way. I love Yoga, so for me it’s trying my hands and feet and neck and hips at the “CROW” or Bakasana. Take to the mat, the bike or the track; and get those bodies flowing again.

It’s easy to get stressed, over-eat and out of shape, especially in the holiday season. No time you say? What if someone told you that you could be Fit in 5 Minutes?  I love this routine. Perfect for the lazy bum and the procrastinator- not to say that’s who we always are- just that the holiday season can have this effect on us.

If the suggestions above are no inspiration to you, how about the picture? Sketched by the brilliant cartoonist Mario Miranda, you see a traditional goan Toddy-tapper or Reindeiro doing what he does best.

Motivate yourself out of the no-exercise slump today and feel great about yourself!

Happy exercising today and happy muscle ache tomorrow! 😉

Cycle. Recycle. Repeat.

“You are not stuck in traffic. You ARE traffic. Ride a cycle.”

So said a wise person and we decided to listen.

Cycling our way to a greener, fitter, happier tomorrow on these two classics- a blue Hanseatic and a dashing Rennrad. Both from over 30 years ago. 

Makes me wonder whether the way into a healthier future could sometimes be found through the past….