This is how it’s done

Hamburg makes you fall helplessly in love with her. Over and over again.

This rainbow today broke the gloomy spell of dreary weather we had all weekend. Just when it seemed I was at my wit’s (and tit’s) end at the icy chill, Hamburg decided to smile down some colour.

Additionally for me, it was as if the city took a moment out of her busy schedule to wish me a Happy Illegal* Second Wedding Anniversary. Gosh, I feel blessed! ❤

*We got legally married in Germany and then illegally (in church) in India. 😉


Do you smell what I smell?

Was my dear nose

Playing tricks on me?

Could it truly be?

I awoke this morning

Senses ablaze and tingling

Oh, I had to sing

Gone was the gray

In came the white

What a lovely sight

All it touched transformed

The magic dust swirled

Out, old autumn twirled

My tongue stuck out

A kid once more

The joy of snow!


All crisp and bright

Washed of old hue

The world is new

My nose was right

Snowy winter is here

With it, holiday cheer

I smell fresh cookies

Warm cakes and pies

In every possible size

Odours of fresh holly

Drown out the food

I’m in tinsel mood

Shimmy down my chimney

St Nicholas hurry please

Don’t bruise your knees

Hey Frosty, come here

Let’s do the Polka

Bring out the Mocha

Let it be Christmas

Before I run wild

With my inner child