Find your hidden ADVENTurer 2017!

And just like that, we’re one day shy of the last month of this year! Starting tomorrow, it’s 24 days until Christmas. 

Like the year before, I’d love you to be part of my ADVENTure! How it goes is explained here.

See you tomorrow with the first of 24 fun activites! Oh this is going to be delightful!


This is how it’s done

Hamburg makes you fall helplessly in love with her. Over and over again.

This rainbow today broke the gloomy spell of dreary weather we had all weekend. Just when it seemed I was at my wit’s (and tit’s) end at the icy chill, Hamburg decided to smile down some colour.

Additionally for me, it was as if the city took a moment out of her busy schedule to wish me a Happy Illegal* Second Wedding Anniversary. Gosh, I feel blessed! ❤

*We got legally married in Germany and then illegally (in church) in India. 😉

Stranger on a midnight train

Welcome dear reader to the musings of my travel-smitten and erratic mind. Before I begin, I should warn you not to join me on this journey unless you are prepared for:

  • creative madness spewing from a small town girl exploring a big city world.
  • hilarious tales of a mixed, inconvenient marriage that braved bureaucracy and the comfort of the known.
  • bi or maybe multi-lingual rantings of my untamed thoughts. I have seven languages at my disposal.
  • poetic and probably skewed views on life, politics, love and maybe my next door neighbour.
  • a much younger me still playing hopscotch in a body that’s soon turning 18 with 12 years’ experience.

I think that about covers my list of warnings and if you’re still reading on I’m thrilled; ecstatic even, to give you a peek into my adventures, mishaps and growing disrespect for the norm.

Welcome aboard!

One fateful night on a train journey in India:

I was fighting sleep at 2am and annoyed at the God-forsaken hour. Enter my travel companions- a chatty south Indian lungi-wielding man; a lady adorned in dazzling gold that seemed to mock our shabby compartment and two white men that looked the anti-thesis of each other. One skinny, charming and I thought probably gay, German; and the other, a robust chunk of meat from Azerbaijan (I’d never heard of this little country before) boasting a 110 kilo frame yet looking like he was walking on ice that threatened to break any moment.

As the night wore on, much against my will, I was dragged into conversation with them all.

Lurking in the shadows was a faint acquaintance but soon to become fast friend- the travel bug. And yet again, but this time with vengeance, I was struck by that inglorious bastard called Love.

Fast forward through Pondicherry, Prague, Mumbai, Bali, Hamburg and Goa and through dizzying rollercoasters of hormones and emotions.

That’s six years after the night-train and here I am, sharing a bed with one of my travel companions.

Do you want to take a guess at who that is? You might not want to narrow down your choices based on gender. If you remember, I did say I have a growing disrespect for the norm. (wink!)

Until next time then, when I dissect my inconvenient marriage for you…

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