Day 22: Make a child smile


There’s nothing more heart-warming than the innocent, trusting smile of a child. Wouldn’t you be delighted to be at the receiving end of that magnificent radiance?

Honestly, it isn’t even hard to make a child smile. I recently saw how parents of a 3 year old, gifted her a beautifully wrapped paper clip. The little darling was so grateful that she couldn’t stop thanking her folks and gushing about how happy she was! A child really does know what’s important- to love and be loved. Everything else is secondary. We were once children too. Have we forgotten?

Today’s a chance to reconnect with that by-gone time and make a little one smile.

Now it’s only 3 days until Christmas…..


Day 16: Donate to a good cause


Donate your time, money or effort to a deserving cause.

Maybe Dad needs help understanding how Emails work.

Perhaps your contribution could make life a little less of a horror for the children of Aleppo. 

An organization in your area could possibly use an extra hand.

The possibilities are endless. Be ADVENTurous and donate a teeny-weeny bit of yourself. You will make a difference!

Day 2: Hug-athon!


Feel your worries melt away as you sink into a warm, comforting, all-encompassing hug!

Go on a Hug-athon today!

We hug too little! Experts like Virginia Satir say we need 4 hugs a day to survive, 8 for maintenence and 12 for growth. A day!

To those of you pooh-poohing the pro-huggers on the survival bit; take a look at the world around us. Bombs, wars, intolerance, innocents dying. Hardly survival!

One of my favourite thinkers/do-ers, the Dalai Lama said,” If every 8 year old were taught to meditate we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

How about we add hugging to the “teach-list”? But not to children. To us adults! We forget so easily what was once second nature to us as kids!

I doubt you can be violent in the grip of a heartfelt hug. Besides, hugging has so many beautiful side-effects!

Question: Will you hug/ be hugged today for Survival/Maintenance/Growth?

Who is the biggest hugger amongst us all? Waiting to hear from you!

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Knock knock.. Ballerina?

In honour of the International Day of the Girl Child on 11th October 2016, I will have a series of blog posts celebrating my kind.

Celebrating her. Post #4 of 5

The closest I came to being a prima ballerina, after much cajoling from my parents and teacher, was in the shiny garb of a grumpy Queen of Sheeba. 

My 4 feet tall, 6 year old royal self pirouetted through the solo and basked in the awe of a cheering audience. It helped that they were mostly parents of us tiny dancing damsels. Thanks to my new-found pout, a feathered gold tutu and the prettiest shoes I’d ever known I was suddenly a Diva.

The two years I spent learning ballet were magical. My friends and I discovered we could bring exotic creatures to life- little Bo-Peep, the Flower Fairy, an Egyptian Fan Dancer and even the famous Swans at the great Wedding.

Our teacher Filu was a star in my eyes- an epitome of beauty, musicality and grace.

Ballet soon took a backseat as I roared to glory on the Basketball court, played the violin until my cat fled screaming and took to climbing my neighbor’s trees and roofs.

More than 2 decades later as I reflect on who I am (definitely not a prima ballerina), I silently thank my ballet phase for all it taught me.
Teacher Filu introduced me to the nuances of elegance and I dare say even passed some on.

Whenever I find myself slumped over, bogged down by life, I often hear her soft voice- “Tummies in, tails in, shoulders down and back. And smile!”

Suddenly I don’t only look better, I feel better. 

A simple posture fix from my childhood finds its place in my adult-dom. I’m grateful for all the happy memories attached.

I now make it a point to look for opportunities where I can make a difference in a child’s life, knowing so many made a difference in mine.

Have you made your mark already?

Teacher Filu sure did hers in style- channeling the inner ballerina in so many little ones. And of course, passing this gem on. Go ahead, try it yourself- “Tummies in, tails in, shoulders down and back. And smile!”

Wait, let me guess. Your inner ballerina just woke up. 😉

It’s her life

In honour of the upcoming International Day of the Girl Child on 11th October 2016, I will have a series of blog posts celebrating my kind.

Celebrating her. Post #3 of 5

Whether she chooses the life of a nimble ballerina or a Harley-riding badass, it’s her right and our duty to let that life come to life. To dream. To love. To achieve. To be.

It’s her choice. Not yours.



In honour of the upcoming International Day of the Girl Child on 11th October 2016, I will have a series of blog posts celebrating my kind.

Celebrating her. Post #1 of 5

Little Razia bares her shiny teeth and her eyes gleam in the harsh sunlit shed she calls home. Chocolate brown skin shimmers as she prances about tossing that head of silky hair to the mercies of the afternoon wind. A picture is being snapped of her sister and Razia rushes in to share the frame and attention of a curious stranger.

Their innocent smiles send daggers into my heart. Of joy and of fear. Joy for the natural liveliness and beauty they radiate and fear for what might wipe away that gullible innocence.


(Pic credit: Lyanne Fernandes)

For starters I’m grateful they are alive. Plenty of female babies do not see the light of day. Plenty translates into over a million unborn female children being aborted in India every year.

The girl child is often one that is forced upon the downtrodden path. Whether infant or adult, her potential is nipped in the bud way before she can test her wings and fly.

A lady might find herself trapped in the cruel fangs of a male-dominated society. When and if she finally breaks free, she’s scared, scarred or worse; dead.

The National Crime Records Bureau in India puts forth chilling statistics.

Here’s the top 5 atrocities against women in India:

  1. Cruelty by husband/relatives
  2. Molestation
  3. Abduction
  4. Rape
  5. Dowry death

A 2010 study in New Delhi showed that 66% of women experienced and reported sexual harassment between 2-5 times in the past year.

A 2013 statistic reports an average of 92 rape cases a day. That’s 4 every hour.

One crime against women is reported every two minutes.

Crimes in India are grossly underreported. Need I say more?

Maybe these figures strike a personal chord with you or maybe they don’t.  But why wait until we’re burnt to educate ourselves about safety?

No matter how big or small, we each have a role to play in ensuring that the girl child, born or uborn, 7 or 70, – in India and the world over, gets the love and respect that is rightfully hers. She deserves a fair shot at life.

Let’s do our bit to spread awareness, stay vigilant and work for a safe world, where little Razia can dream big, run free and evolve into the person she wants to be.

#sheisprecious #internationaldayofthegirlchild