Day 24: Tell someone you love how you truly feel

Tell someone you love how you truly feel. Even if they already know. You can never tell someone enough.

If they don’t know, even better; today’s your chance. If it goes south, blame it on the advent calendar!

Christmas is the season of love and giving; so live up to it!

Here’s wishing you a very blessed and merry Christmas!

Thank you for joining in on my ADVENT-ure!




Day 23: Have a red-green meal

Have a red-green themed dinner. It’s Christmasy and will definitely get you thinking creatively.

Some easy options are red and green capsicum/paprika sticks with a sauce or green chutney to dip in. Red or green apples baked with cinnamon and eaten with a dollop of ice-cream. Green grapes, cheese and red wine. The list is endless!

Or simply get out some colourful cutlery with red and green napkins.

Christmas Dinner Apple Advent Baked Apple Christmas

Day 21: Sing a Christmas Carol

Even if you’re tone deaf and your singing drives the birds away; belt out a Christmas tune today.

There’s something magical about making music, no matter how good or bad. The fact that we use so many muscles in sync to produce sound, rhythm and tune is simply marvellous! Give your lungs some much needed exercise!

My favourite carol is O Holy Night. What’s yours?



Day 20: Donate a gift

Donate a Christmas gift to someone who can’t afford to have one. While most of us and our families get spoilt rotten with an overdose of Christmas presents; there are millions out there who wouldn’t even dream of the luxury we take for granted.

Look for someone- child or adult who will in all likelihood have no gift this Christmas; and be their Santa Claus.

The innocence of these slum kids seared a hole through my heart and inspired the piece “Razia”

Day 18: Compliment 3 people

Today, pay a compliment to three people you meet.

Make sure it’s genuine and heartfelt. The people you compliment will definitely feel happier than they were. (Unless of course you manage to confuse them and get them wondering what it is you want from them!)

You’re sure to create a ripple effect of happiness because the three you are nice to, will pass on their “feel-good” in some way or the other.